Ok so I will be trying my best to add new content daily but having a homestead and a husband and my four grown up children to attend to this cannot be guaranteed

Anyways I hope you like the two poems I’ve addressed so far there are many more including lyrics and short stories but as I said these things take time.

I’ve also decided to write some what of a meditation diary of sorts that I hope you guys will get some use out of for your own endeavours

love and light, Namaste


Well yesterdays meditation was quite literally timeless, in that I thought I had been meditating for 5-10 mins and in actual fact it turned out to be 40-45 mins!!!

This has happened before along with some unintentional remote viewing but not quite so dramatically in the sense that my alarm went off unexpectedly and I very nearly fell off my cussion!! so note to self time to increase my meditation times lol.

I should make it clear that I meditate according to sidereal time and not grgorian time, so for those of you who don’t know what that is , local sidereal time is when your particular part of the world or where rather I should say is in relation to the galactic centre, so at about 1300hrs sidereal time is when you are pretty much aligned with the galactic centre of the galaxy which has been proven to be the most psycic in relation to your location.

Its important to note that local sidereal time dose not act uniformly as dose our linear Gregorian time but rather shifts 5-6 mins every day depending on earths local at the time, so if you wish to test this hypothesis you need to get hold of a sidereal clock which now there are plenty of apps for available on google play and the apple app store, there are also several free apps for your computer too and most will calculate your local sidereal time for you.

I can personally guarantee that after just a couple of weeks daily dedication you WILL notice a significant difference in the quality and concentration of your meditation, which in my case has helped me dramatically improve over the last year since I heard about this little gem of information.

Also while meditating I have also found it helpful to gently follow the breath to bring one self back to the moment when that pesky little ego try’s to come back and gain control, it sounds like a cleshee but if you just thank the ego for the reminder that it is there and bring yourself back gently it does seem to satisfy it as all it really wants is recognition, so please do not scathe yourself it happens all the time.

Any way that is all for to day

May the light of love fill your hearts always.



Well as I said daily updates have certainly proven to be a problem!!! Saying that I have managed to keep up with my poetry posts and writing which is the main point of this site, so I do hope ya’l are finding it well and an inspiration!

My goodness things have been moving along! I have been Invited to feature on a writers website which is based in New York, this will give me the opportunity to reach a few more people and I may have the opportunity to go to the US to a conference and meet other writers hopefully of the same ilk which will be just wonderful.

So exciting times ahead!!! I have to admit that my meditation has been some what lacking this last week as I have been so busy because the car broke down, and living in the sticks with no car isĀ  well, a pain in the butt to be sure!!!

That said I pray everyone is having a wonderful week and I shall be back on track very soon. Enjoy the new poetry, I still have another three to put up and a few still in the writing pipeline, including a special one in honour of a friend which I’m looking forward very much to sharing,

Namaste, Tambara