Hi I’m Tambara,

I write inspirational poetry with a view to opening a door for Love, Spirit and Soul to begin it’s journey back to the light. At least that is the plan!!

There is it seems so much darkness out in the world today that I set about thinking how I may be of service to others with respect to giving them light and hope. With that in mind I realised that I had been writing poetry since I was a child but had never shared it with the world and therein lay an opportunity to strike two birds with one stone,

I prey you find my words uplifting and that they bring a little sunshine to your day.

Please also check out my blog, https://tambaralilly.wordpress.com

May your days ever be filled with light, love and laughter

Tambara xxx

All comments are welcome all that I ask is no profanity’s as they only engender negativity which is not good for anyone and will be deleted, that being said criticism is welcomed in a constructive manor as always are complements

Love and light, Namaste