Tread softly my dears, through life’s odd dance.

Go gracefully and deliberate without happenstance.

Take humbly the gifts of gods fruitful tree.

Be thankful of lessons from those that you meet.

Stay wary of danger, yet always be bold.

Remain ever open to loves restful fold.

Try not to forget, in your heart you are free.

You’ve the gift of free will, exorcise this with ease.

If those who would be above you lay strain in your way,

Skip gently around them, let not thought create pain.

Ignore don’t pay homage, to bitter fork toungs

For you are a mirror, it’s only personal to that one.

Take pleasure and see beauty in all things.

Even that perceived ugly, has divinity within.

Give honesty to the breath, creating words that you speak.

Walk always with integrity, know liar’s are weak.

Your body is a temple, do not pollute it with vile.

Resist the consumption of spiritual bile.

Many have spoken these words, through eons of time.

But know when you hear them that freedom is thine.



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