Is art a product of somebody’s mind?

Or is it a proton with dazzling light?

Is arts gods way, a whisper so fine?

Is it a symbol of all that’s divine?

The colours of words and paintings engage

Imagination, linking heart with the brain.

Thought provoking visuals, invite you to be

A part of a story, a conductor of dreams.

Words spark emotion, uplifting I pray,

Sad words invite you to let go of pain.

Yet what of the dancer, who brings pictures alive?

A vibrant display of repose and drive.

Our singers and lyricists, their musical muse,

Varieties endlessly light every fuse.

The movies, the soaps, the funny sit coms,

Actors and actresses, pro emotional bombs.

Architecture and statues, sculpted into life,

Esoteric effects of the cathedral delights.

Art can be fashion, art can be light,

Inspirational nature of love so divine.


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