As I open my eye’s and take a deep breath,

I’m reminded each morning of the gratitude I have.

For the lover still sleeping, whom lay at my side,

For the birdsong I hear above the  soft tree wind chimes.

As I glide to my feet, tiptoe round the bed,

I smile as I’m grateful for this life that I share.

For the children I bore, and the memories we made,

For the good times and bad, all the games that we played.

I’m grateful you see, for all I behold,

For a beautiful planet, and a sunshine of gold.

For the dazzling greens, blues, purples we see,

For the light in each heart and the sweetest of dreams.

Gosh I’m even happy to be moody sometimes,

There are lessons I’m grateful to learn in this life.

For the lessons we learn, are gods little way,

Helping us grow, giving souls room to play.

Each day I look around, and I’m grateful to say,

Humanity is wonderful, each in our own way.

Yes of course there’s the negative all over this world,

A polarity tapestry, what a better place to learn.

She’s grateful for everything!!

She’s bonkers!! you cry.

Well hell yes I am!!!!

And I’m grateful for Life!!!



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