Somethings coming over me, the harder I look the less I see

There’s a fuzzy fealing in my head, It’s like a child ascending through a fairytail.

And I wanna know how to let this feeling go, as it penetrates my brain

And I can reveal its in every part of me, can’t remember having my own name.

Its pleasure and pain, pure pleasure and pain

My mind is doing overtime, people chatter but i’m deaf and blind

Cant’t seem to sleep in my own bed, whats happened to me am I going mad?

Ripping through me like a hurricane, taking over all my senses and driving me insane.

Breaking my heart into a million pieces, figuring out the puzzle , needing to complete me.

And somewhere in the distance I feel my guide, beconing me unto the light

Just hold on tight, It’l be aright, have faith my friend, just hold on tight.


Tambara Lilly



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