As I lay in contemplation. A question comes to mind, if the love of fear is as deep as they say, Then why are the people so blind?

Psychology dictates that our instincts should be heightened, even animals are alerted when peripheral vision frightens.

Our Governments are watching us, every second every day, every move has become information. The digital age a tool to spy with intrepidation.

The ones that hide in the shadows, the collective choose to ignor, as they use our own electic energy to feed the hooded claw.

Our full enlightened potential has been hidden and suppressed. Because in the end ‘They’ fear us and for this they cannot rest.

If only we would waken from the slumber that keeps us numb, we’d understand our power and the free will Law of One.

That there is no need for violence, we’d simply turn our backs. We’d understand there’s but one race and no need for attacks

We’d understand that love, brings light to every shadow, and fear would be a useless tool, unimaginal from the shadows.

I see the cracks in the cabalic system, our light IS beginning to shine, and although things seem to be getting worse, I’m seeing all the signs.

There is a revolution, not one that most can see. It is a revolution of the heart and the light of love is free.

For the collective consciousness its time to make a choice, It isn’t one the shadows like but they don’t get to have this voice.

We should not lay blame at there feet, shadows make their choices too, as such their path is so much harder and so much longer too

So if you understand these words, then in your heart you’ll know, all roads lead to the same destination, we just choose the way to go.






2 thoughts on “The Consciousness Collective

  1. What beautiful words. You have captured so much of what I know to be from my own heart. Reading your words sent a wave of goosebumps through me. We are going through the shift and you have described this beautifully! – Namaste


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