There is love in this land, like the many grains of sand, like the photons of light, the dancing stars of night.

every moment every day, compassion leads the way. But where? I hear you cry and the answer is no lie.

A mother holds in her arms her child for the first time, and yet before the infant was even born she sang him lullaby’s.

A tree they’ve just discovered though many of us have known, will feed the cut down stump of another in the hope that it will grow.

An elderly wife holds her husbands hand as his soul prepares to depart, and a smile across a crowded room can light a broken heart.

The sun comes up each morning, and greets the breaking day, laying dew upon the sweet grass for a fawn to feed then play.

A word can stop an argument, a touch curtail a fear, a gentle kiss abates loneliness, a stand can stop a fear

And so again I say to you, there is love in every moment, it only takes the eyes to see, and the heart again to open.

All your lives you have been trained to look the other way, open to conditioning that violence is ok.

The media, the games you play, even the comedy you watch, labelled as entertainment, but in reality a box.

So break the chains I say to you and recognise what’s real, that there is truly love in every moment, its up to you to break the deal.

Yes in the end you have consented but consent can be withdrawn, you’ve so much power in your hands, free will since the day you were born.

Please take back your sovereignty

Please understand your power

Break out of your self imposed prison



Tambara lilly


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