The sun dips beyond the horizon of a golden sea, setting the sky aflame, rusted orange and dying reds.

Silhouetted against the brow of the water sits a billabong tree, where rests a Kingfisher, his magnificence echoed in the twilight sky singing softly his glorious cry.

As the last of the light dances quietly into the night, the air fills with the sounds of the end of the day.

Crows flock to their roosts, bats come out to play wings fluttering in succession as each seeks out their prey.

A cricket in the distance, a frog at the waters edge, wind whispers through the trees gently kissing each branch as she go’s.

Then falls a calm silence as the world begins to sleep, cloaked in natures soft velvet darkness, to whit only the moonlight breaks the slumber.


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